Apostle Dr. Miguel Angelo da Silva Ferreira, is the Founding President of the "Evangelical Church Of The Living Christ", started in 1985, in an old cinema room, in Piedade, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

In 1988, we bought a splendid piece of land, where the "Church Building" of the "International Headquarters" is located.

In 1992, we finished the "Cathedral Building”, with a capacity for 5,000 people and, in the annex, an "Administrative and Religious Education Building", with three floors. Another annex is the "Chapel of the Apostolic Mission of the Grace of God", with a capacity of 1,000 people.

This “Apostolic Ministry”, is focusing on teaching the "Gospel of the Grace of God", where people learn to know the True and Sovereign God; to confess His Word; to call into existence things that do not exist; and keep living by faith, resting on the promises of God.

We have our "Apostolic Services“, on Sundays, 9 AM and 6 PM. 

On Wednesdays, at 7:30 PM, we have the "Life Excellence" services.

Our “Apostolic Ministry” has no ties to other denominations, being independent and free, thus contributing to the last Protestant Reformation.

On every Mondays, the "Ministry of Prayer", led by Bishop André Barbosa and his wife Bishop Cristiane Barbosa, gathers with the whole Church members, for joyful Services, where happen many signs and wonders.

Every day of worship, praises precede the study of God´s Word, preparing the Church to receive the Pulpit Message . As it could not be otherwise, the preaching is always under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Literature published by our “Apostolic Ministry”, comes from the regular preaching of the Altar of our Church. Many preachings of our Pastors and Leaders, are transformed into books or booklets to be offered to every person in, and outside, the community of the Church.

We receive new members though our "Sociability Brothers": They are men and women, duly prepared to welcome all of those who come at the Church, in order to receive guidance.

Trough our "Social Assistance Ministry"  we have been blessing thousands, and thousands of lives, with meals and clothing along the years of our existence.

Trough the “Good Samaritan Ministry", we have been furnishing, on a regularly base, hundreds of "Food Baskets” to members and non members families of the Church.